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The tourism and hospitality sector of our nation is growing successively and with it, the demand in the growth of the hotel industry. India is a popular travel destination and thus, the scope of pursuing hotel management has become clearer and more beneficial for students than before. Hotel management is one of the top preferences of students when it comes to pursuing a simple graduation after completing their school studies.
Vels Institute Of Hotel Management, situated at vennala gadda, Suchitra Cross Road, Hyderabad, Telangana, are one of the top class educational institutions of the city that believe in imparting quality and in-depth hotel management education to our students. Our focus is on infusing technical and managerial skills among the students. We are transparent, fair and just. We exist to provide our students with quality education which will transform them to realize their full potential. We have understood the fact that educating the youth of today is a pavement to a successful nation 

The college run under the supervision of director G.Praful Reddy with experience of 12 years in hospitality industry. We don't set boundaries for students and don't restrict them to bookish knowledge, but encourage them to experiment and innovate," says Pant. Students are trained to be all-rounders, be resilient and develop an eye for detail. And of course, it is ensured that they get sufficient industry exposure through internships.

Small classes taught in English
Business skills & hands on experience
Interactive projects with industry partner
High percentage of partical training 
World-wide internship or paid internship in abroad 

THE popular perception of a hotel is often wrong, and G.Praful, a graduate from School of Hotel Management, says he is determined to correct it. "My aim is to educate people and change their view of hotel management," he says. G.Praful Reddy established the vels Institute of Hotel management at vennala gadda, suchitra circle, Hyderabad.

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